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Excalibur’s Return Chapter 3 The UFO
« on: August 03, 2018, 08:32:18 pm »
The men who looked like monks grabbed Michael and Gabriel taking them outside. They brought them into what looked like a flying saucer and put them inside.

Inside the flying saucer was Gabriel’s uncle John.

The flying saucer began flying up into the sky.

“I can explain what happened,” said John Dulac. “I never told you this Gabriel but I am the Grand Master of the Knights Templar. The surviviving members continued the order after King Phillip IV of France had us falsely charged with heresy and burnt at the stake get our money.”

“I became the Grand Master 19 years ago and made it Templar policy, to restore the true heir to the Kingdoms of England, Navarre, and the Two Sicilies, as well as the Duchy of Normandy and Lordship of Ireland to his rightful thrones. This UFO was given to us by advanced aliens who in their spare time, time travel to cause timelines to split creating parallel universes, as well as create simulated realities.”

Inside this UFO is a simulation room, with a simulated reality they created that contains the two parallel Star Wars Universes and the Nintendo Universe. After the evil mastermind Jar Jar Banks, manipulated Galactic warfare for billions of years, to get money in the Corporate sector, he used that money to create a Mega Black hole that would suck in and destroy both Star Wars Universes so he could create a new universe that he could rule. Thus the Nintendo Universe was created. However he was defeated by the Order of Lumiya, a successor Order to the Galactic Empire who established the Lumiya Empire.

However those descended from the Republics rebelled establishing the Universal Republic which contained the Mushroom Kingdom and battled with the Lumiya Empire. They finally defeated the Lumiya Empire, but it’s successor state, the Koopa Kingdom ruled by King Bowser is fighting to regain the lost territory of the Lumiya Empire which is why Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach and tries to take over the Mushroom Kingdom.

As part of our plan to restore the true heir to the thrones, we had the simulated consciousness of Bowser transferred in a microchip into the brain of Jaime of the House of Bourbon Two Siciles merging their consciousnesses, so he will want to pursue the thrones.”

My house has been a long time Templar chapel. The ghosts you saw were the ghosts of former members. They said that your time has come to fulfill the next part of my plan.

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Re: Excalibur’s Return Chapter 3 The UFO
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Holy fuck, it's Sonic-chew!

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Re: Excalibur’s Return Chapter 3 The UFO
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Holy crap we now have fucking Sonichu on this site.

I thought just by looking at Jacob he looked challenged in the head (hence why I guess he went ahead with oinking for five minutes so easy)
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